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Predictable Fixed Monthly Subscription

Transparent, simple, and straightforward pricing that is easy to understand. The pricing structure is tailored to your monthly revenue (MRR), ensuring flexibility as your business grows or scales back. Please explore our industry-specific pricing tiers on our pricing page for more details. You will see that pricing is “all-inclusive”, “fixed”, and “predictable”.

Assigned Team Headed by A Lead Accountant

The lead accountant functions like a part of your team! You will establish a close working relationship with the lead accountant by direct communication through various channels - phone, email, Slack, and/or online meetings. Additionally, you'll become acquainted with other assigned team members but will always have a lead for consistency and as your single point contact.

Cost Savings of Up To 60%

We manage your accounting without draining your bank account! We operate on a win-win principle, reflected in our pricing. We manage these rates through a blend of factors, including economies of scale, leveraging financial technology, a commitment to growing alongside your business, and, importantly, our ethical approach to pricing without gouging.

Five Business Day Close

We deliver monthly financial statements within 5 business days! This is our commitment to a service level agreement of 5 business days after the calendar month ends, except in specific situations where an extension may be necessary due to unique circumstances (for instance, pending finalization of specific information until the 7th business day). Recognizing that delayed financial statements offer limited value, we have self-imposed this to ensure timely and valuable reporting for your business.

Thirty-Minute or Less Response Time

Availability is comforting! Our entire team operates within the US Pacific Time zone, mitigating downtime or communication gaps. We are committed to responding to any query within 30 minutes. Occasionally, certain queries may require more time, but we'll promptly inform you of the estimated time for resolution within that initial 30-minute window. Our system isn't a bot-managed ticketing system; instead, it replicates the experience of collaborating with your colleagues in an office just across the room.

Qualified Team

Knowledge and coaching breed confidence! Our team is composed of proficient accountants, each holding at least a Finance/Accounting degree from an accredited university. They possess either full (Senior Staff) or partial (Junior Staff) qualifications in globally recognized accounting standards like CMA, CPA, CA, and ACCA, along with several years of diverse public accounting experience across various industries. In essence, their expertise is solid.

Agile Team That Becomes Part of Your Organization

We adapt to you! Irrespective of the systems you utilize, your company's maturity, industry, or internal demands. To ensure agility and continuity, a dedicated mini-team is assigned to each client. This adaptability ensures we're never too large or too small, maintaining flexibility to cater to your specific needs.

No Long Term Contracts

You are never handcuffed! Should you cancel service for any reason, we guarantee a seamless transition. Leveraging industry-leading software, we ensure uninterrupted access to your data. Valuing the significance of positive client relationships and the merit of recurring business, we remain committed to supporting and assisting you even if you decide to make changes.

The Client Ecosystem

We proudly support multiple verticals! Our clients span various industries, sizes, technologies, and geographies across the USA. While we leverage technology, we understand the importance of human connections. When we recognize the potential for mutual benefit by connecting you with another client, we facilitate these interactions. Our objective is to support your growth, and we facilitate these connections with approved “opt-ins” from both parties. We believe in your progress and recognize that we realize success as you do.

Data Security

You are supported by the best-in-class industry standards! We implement industry-leading, third-party cloud-based applications and ensure a minimal risk of data breach by the following:

We never internally store your data, ensuring seamless information transition and offering you absolute peace of mind.
Our team consists of 'full-time' and 'internal' employees recruited through stringent hiring practices (no contractors).
We enforce access segregation using 2FA authentication for all financial systems in operation.
We maintain stringent internal information security policies.

Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats, we are proactive. To safeguard against potential breaches, we have cybersecurity insurance in place. This ensures that in the unlikely event of a data breach, it won't result in a financial loss.


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