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Process invoices
Process payables
Process receipts (ACH Deposits, Checks, & Wire transfers)
Perform daily bank reconciliations
Review all bank accounts for deposits, returned checks, and bank charges
Monitor and reconcile payable clearing accounts
Perform accounts receivable follow-ups
Prepare customer/vendor account statements
Process weekly payables
Perform reconciliations with the GL system and other third-party applications
Bi-weekly / Semi-Monthly
Process payroll
Payroll Accounting
Perform bank reconciliations
Perform customer account reconciliations
Perform vendor account reconciliations
Post monthly journal entries like accruals, amortizations
Operational regulatory filings like sales tax, as applicable
Prepare balance sheet ledger reconciliations
Prepare financial statements
1099 Filing
Delaware Franchise taxing file
Income tax filings
As needed
Onboarding of clients’ employees or contractors in the relevant payroll system
Investor reports
Lender reports
Budgeting and forecasting
Specific KPI reporting
Direct communication with local/state/federal agencies
Accounting process and procedures development
Sales Tax filings and payments ( As required by the state)


Each client has an assigned team
The team consists of 4 team members at a minimum
The 3 ranks in the team are Associate, Manager, and a Sr. Manager
Each team has a Service VP who manages the overall service delivery and client relationship
All team members are on PST zone, no matter what location they are in (we have 3 locations)
Always up to date with no backlog
Every assigned team member is equally abreast with the work
Agile service delivery based on client need
Super users of most industry-leading fin-tech
Tech provider partnerships to deliver the best tech stacks
Each client can pick and choose the preferred way to communicate
Workspace chat lines (Slack), direct phone, email, Enterprise Cloud Conference
Typical response rate within one minute
No extras, no hidden fees - just a simple monthly subscription as agreed
All QBO clients get a free daily backup (This is an added level of security)
All QBO clients get access to a sophisticated financial dashboard
Every single team member is a full-time internal employee
Fully background checked
At a minimum, has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting / Finance
Most team members are big-4 alumni with public accounting experience
All new employees go through a training boot camp before client assignment


Up to the minute business picture

What you see in accounting ledgers are up-to-date
The client can make informed business decisions
Any questions are answered right away
Special requests are handled immediately
Compliant and Accurate

Streamlined back office means accuracy and compliance
Better planning for the future
Satisfied customers, vendors, and investors
No back and forth with regulatory bodies
Unparalleled Agility

An assigned team for each client means that every client's unique needs can be served
Not bound or not limited by bloated internal processes or systems
Best of both worlds

Professional delivery, not obscene prices
Physically remote, at your fingertips
Keep the back-office costs contained and predictable while looking like a Wall Street company
No headcount, no hours count - focus on growth
Far better than an internal team

Educated and experienced, at a fraction of the cost
No exposure to work interruptions due to employee vacations/maternity
No exposure to work interruptions due to terminations
No exposure to retraining due to employee changes
Huge savings on indirect costs (rent, supplies, tax, lawsuits)
Professional grade obligation to serve


No commitment

We are confident that you will stay on, so it is month-to-month.
Client transition out (for any reason), will be fully supported.

Industry Leading SLAs

When we say 'close' is done in xx business days, we mean it.
When we say we are at your fingertips, we mean it.
When we promise up-to-date data maintenance, we mean it.

Availability during the work hours

No other provider can boast about our level of response time.
Very similar to having the team right next to you.

Smart individuals, 'Can-Do' attitude, Go-getters

We are easy-going but very serious about the work.
We are smart, but not egoistic.
We are your back office, but your frontline of business intelligence and compliance.

Not ‘a Jane down the street' or 'The Biggest of All Inc'

An assigned team means continuous attention to work.
Professionally qualified means accurate accounting backend.
At your fingertips means 100% accessibility.
You will feel like you are our only client.

Systems and
AP systems sync to
General Ledger system
Payroll system syncs to
General Ledger system
AR systems sync to
General Ledger system
POS or other revenue portal syncs to
General Ledger system


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