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Brian Mac Mahon

CEO - Expert Dojo

Dive into the entrepreneurial journey with Brian Mac Mahon, the visionary CEO and Founder of Expert Dojo, in this enlightening episode! Discover the pivotal moments of Brian's early career and gain insights into his unique perspective on startup growth, from cultivating domain awareness to achieving domain dominance. Explore Expert Dojo's global expansion and the hurdles overcome along the way. Brian also emphasizes the critical role of back office quality in the pursuit of success. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert who has funded, advised, and led hundreds of companies to success. Whether you're just starting out or already on your entrepreneurial path, this video is a must-watch for invaluable guidance and inspiration.

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Chris Jenks

President of West Star

Join us as Chris Jenks, President of West Star, shares his remarkable career journey, from his roots as a young brand marketer to spearheading the growth of a premier property management powerhouse in Southern California. In this captivating episode, Chris delves into the intricacies of navigating a dual-form customer base, managing a transaction-heavy back office, and overcoming external market challenges. Discover how he maintains a delicate balance between cost control and exceptional service quality while steering West Star to unprecedented success. With an impressive $40M+ in annual rental revenue and a portfolio of over 250 active properties, West Star continues to soar to new heights.

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Alex Yancher

CEO of Passport Shipping

In this compelling episode, Gary Hewamadduma, the CEO of 'CFO Plans,' engages in a dynamic conversation with the visionary CEO of 'Passport Shipping,' Alex Yancher. Offering a captivating insight into his journey, Alex reflects on his formative years at Facebook, revealing the pivotal moments that led him to embark on the creation of a groundbreaking global shipping solution.

Passport Shipping has emerged as the unrivaled leader in its class, revolutionizing the shipping industry with a distinctive approach to addressing the intricate challenges faced by US-based retailers and 3PLs involved in international package shipments. As a post-series B company, Passport Shipping is on a trajectory to become a household name, a testament to the deliberate strategy and ingenuity that underpin its success.

The dialogue delves into the core of Passport Shipping's operations—what challenges they tackle, the innovative methods employed, and the formation of an exceptional team dedicated to not only sustaining but elevating the company's growth, all while adhering to fundamental principles. This episode provides a glimpse into the deliberate efforts and strategic decisions that have positioned Passport Shipping as a beacon of excellence in the global shipping landscape.

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Vivas Kumar

CEO of Mitra Chem

The star CEO of Mitra Chem, Vivas Kumar, engaged in an insightful conversation with the CEO of CFO Plans, Gary Hewamadduma, to delve into the profound challenges they're addressing, the innovative solutions they're crafting, and why this endeavor is of paramount significance, not just in terms of technology requirements but also from a geopolitical standpoint. In a captivating 35-minute exchange, Vivas generously unveils a facet of his personal history, shedding light on his family's deep-rooted involvement in the energy sector spanning decades, and how their influence sparked a unique perspective on energy. In the end, Vivas imparts valuable insights to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the intricacies of managing essential yet discreet backend operations.

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Austin Smith

CEO of

Join us for an insightful conversation with Austin Smith, the visionary CEO behind, as he sits down with Gary, the CEO of CFO Plans. In this engaging discussion, we delve into Austin's remarkable journey, his triumphs, setbacks, the hurdles he's conquered, and his exciting vision for the future. Discover the lessons learned and the inspiration gained from a dynamic leader in the world of business. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and be part of an inspiring conversation that transcends the ordinary. Subscribe now and stay tuned for more inspiring content.

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