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Most reputed fin-tech tools at the hands of qualified accountants that drive business growth.
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Operational Accounting for Growing Businesses

Why CFO Plans

Assigned Lead Accountant With a Team (minimum of a 4-person team)
5 Business Day Close
30 Minute or Less Response Time
Predictable Fixed Monthly Subscription

Already have an internal team?

If you already have an established internal finance and accounting team and are interested in augmenting it, we can be the perfect fit.
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We go by your current gross revenue and agree on a fixed monthly subscription. Please check our pricing page for the most up to date price tiers.

Monthly billing happens on the 15th of every month for that particular month. It will be auto-debited from your bank between 15th – 20th of the month.

Unless you are on Tier 6 (a unique pricing set up), we only consider your gross revenue for pricing. When it increases we wait for at least 3 months (3 billing cycles) to verify the consistency, before shifting you to a different price tier.

Historically, we have saved up to 60% of having a conventional internal team or having a regular outsourced service. On average, we save about 40% of your costs

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